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custom care water softener
C43 Water Softeners
These state-of-the-art systems Read More with their advanced electronics can be incorporated in a mulititue of configurations. The C43 is designed for complex uses, yet easy to operate and maintain. Its "plug and play" accessories make the C43 a simple choice for the toughest job. No hard water bypass, seperate source regeneration, and brine reclaim is all made easy. Robustly constructed, the fully assembled "stack" and piston design allows for years of reliable operation.

The CustomCare C43 Series water softeners can treat city water supplies, well water systems or surface water supplies. Surface water supplies may need to be pre-treated with a filtration system.
System Controllersystem controller
The system controller operates up to six units. The system diagnostics include real-time 90-day Read More water usage, peak flow rate, totalizer, and much more.

With its battery backup, processor, and enclosure, information is held safe and secure. The display indicates a multitude of information at first glance including LED status indicators for online, standby, and regeneration modes.
What we do
We will come to your home and test your water. Read More We use independent labs to find out what exactly is happening in your home. Once we find out the problem we will provide a solution that fits your budget and lifestyle. Call us today for a free consultation. 215-699-6479