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Bottled Water & Immunocompromised Individuals
People with compromised immune systems may want to take special precautions with the water they drink. In healthy individuals, the parasite Cryptosporidium Read More can cause illness; however, for those with weakened immune systems, it can cause severe illness and possibly death. Look for bottled water treatments that protect against Cryptosporidium, which include:

Reverse Osmosis
Filtration with an absolute 1 micron filter

For further information on Cryptosporidium, visit CDC's Cryptosporidiosis: A Guide to Commercially-Bottled Water and Other Beverages.
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Reverse Osmosis System
Nothing's as refreshing as a glass of cool, clean water. A reliable residential water filtration system gives you and your family safe, Read More clear water whenever it's wanted.

  • Reduce unwanted or harmful contaminants
  • Get environmentally sound water treatment
  • Indulge in cost-effective treatment compared to buying bottled water
  • Savor the convenience of fresh, clean water
The Eclipse® R.O. drinking water filtration system is our top of the line RO system designed to provide your family with the cleanest, healthiest water possible. Multiple filters clean ordinary household water to reduce unwanted and harmful contaminants.

System performance is verified with a touch monitor on the system's faucet base. Installation of a whole house water purification system is simple — no electricity needed.
What we do
We will come to your home and test your water. Read More We use independent labs to find out what exactly is happening in your home. Once we find out the problem we will provide a solution that fits your budget and lifestyle. Call us today for a free consultation. 215-699-6479